Fair Market Value for an Icom 706?

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Fair Market Value for an Icom 706?

Postby N1ESE » Tue May 12, 2015 1:01 pm

I have an Icom 706 I am thinking of selling. I'd keep it but not willing to pay the exuberant prices people are asking for now discontinued separation kits and filters. Last week, someone on eBay was asking $200 for the separation cable alone. I just refuse to pay that much for a cable, a cable!

What I have is an IC-706MkIIG that is bone stock with no filters, no mobile bracket, etc. However, it works excellent and I've received great audio reports from QIX, HLR, and several others on AM with it. I am just not sure what to ask as I see prices that are all over the map. Again, if I had filters and a separation cable, I likely would not sell but most of the filters are discontinued and prices are through the roof on the grey market.

I am also not very mobile these days, I am building an off-grid home and looking for something with much less receive current draw as well.
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