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Postby K9ACT » Mon Oct 18, 2010 11:46 am

I don't doubt that I am plagued by parasitics but these don't behave like the ones I am used to.

First of all, the RF output is a clean sine wave and the modulated envelope is clean and shows no symptoms with or without modulation.

The buzz heard at carrier frequency referred to earlier is the only anomaly I can see or hear but no one else hears it other than..... I sent my wife out walking with a SW receiver and it was still conspicuous several hundred feet from the shack with a dummy load on the transmitter.

Looking at the VLF band for switching stuff, there are all sorts of birdies but of very low level compared to what I hear on frequency.

It has been suggested that my air coils on the modulator filter are probably radiating but it's not clear how this would show up on frequency,

Any thoughts?

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