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Re: Transorbs

Postby kf1z » Thu Oct 07, 2010 5:02 pm

Kind of interesting that you can get 120 volts out othat transformer...

It''s an 88 vac 5.5 amp transformer...

I was not able to get more than 105 volts DC under load with mine..


I just went back and looked... you said steve's transformer and my supply.."

So I guess you have 2 supplies in series?
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Re: Transorbs

Postby K9ACT » Fri Oct 08, 2010 2:25 pm

kf1z wrote:then for your transformer.........
at 5 ohms, that would mean a turns ratio of 2 turns CT primary, to 3 secondary
Or 4 turns ct, to 6 turn secondary.

What determines which is the better choice? i.e. why not 20 and 30 or all the other possible combinations.

When I couldn't get it working on 80, Jay suggested removing a turn each side of ct on the primary and it worked fine then.

Regarding your next posting.... I meant his transformer in my power supply, meaning not following his particular design for the supply. I have a variac on the front end and that light bulb on the output. The no load output pretty much agrees with the Variac output. In other words, 120 in gets about 120 out but it drops about 10v under load. That is the way I have been running it for 200W but there are 10 or 20 more volts I could get out of the variac.

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