Project Update

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Project Update

Postby K9ACT » Fri Aug 06, 2010 11:34 pm

I decided to go with the W1VD Class D RF deck because it seemed so much less intimidating than all the big Class E projects.

After a few false starts, dumb mistakes and help from Jay, it's working like magic. I don't yet have a proper power supply to get the full 100W out but at 18.5V and 2.1A, I am getting 35 W out or 90%. At 13V and 1.5A I am getting 18W or 92% efficiency.

I added a buffer stage and Schmitt trigger at the front end so I could plug my DDS VFO directly into it.

This image shows the board layout. Note the extra space for another pair of finals for the 200W version if I ever get that far. ... Image

Until I get the modulator up and running I need to make it do something useful other than light up light bulbs and move needles so I configured it to run my big tube rigs as an RF driver. I added the 12v regulator on the right side of this pic and the key jack and relay so I can run it off a single supply for this application. Even with only 12v it provides ample drive for both the single 810 and the 8000 pair.

This is what it looks like now...


Now all I need is the modulator.


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