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Postby N3LRX » Wed May 23, 2007 4:11 pm

Some of the face work is done I still need to drill a few holes for pots lights and switches.
Things may change around a little but here's pretty much how the transmitter will look.
Top to Bottom: Power Supply, PWM/Efficiency Meter, RF Amplifier (The towel inside is a temporary support for the 75M coil.)
The cheesy lettering is coming off once I figure out something better. I'll probably work on a transparent overlay
once I get everything mounted in its final resting place.

The meters are not in the RF Deck yet. The order of units will also change, due to the weight of the power supply
it will mounted on the bottom of the rack its built pretty rugged and it alone weighs as much as a DX-100!

My Behringer audio chain is also not shown. I have a VX2496 Ultra Voice (Digital Compressor/Expander/Limiter),
a DSP2096 Virtualizer Pro (Digital Effects Processor) and an MXL 990 Microphone.
73 DE Randy N3LRX
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