Running my 1-FET Class E rig with a linear amplifier

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Running my 1-FET Class E rig with a linear amplifier

Postby AB2EZ » Sat Jul 30, 2005 8:38 am

I was talking with Nick (KG2IR) using my 2 FET x 2 FET balanced class E transmitter... and we started speculating about how my small 1-FET class E transmitter would sound driving a linear amplifier.

Since that was easy to try, I turned on the 1-FET rig... adjusted the output tuning and loading to reduce the r.f. output power from ~ 35 watts to ~ 15 watts (without any observable degradation in the waveforms... other than the smaller r.f. output voltage)... and turned on my 3-500Z grounded grid linear.

As expected... there were no surprises. It worked fine. The output at carrier with the linear on was 200 watts (same as when I use my larger class E rig). The waveforms looked fine, and Nick said that it sounded great.

As a little added bonus, the output tuned circuit of the linear acts as an additional low-pass filter... reducing the 2nd harmonic (and higher harmonics) on the output r.f. waveform of the single-ended 1-FET rig to below -60dBc (the lowest I can measure with the set up I am using).

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