My new 3-FET 75 meter class E rig

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My new 3-FET 75 meter class E rig

Postby AB2EZ » Tue Apr 05, 2005 7:25 pm


Here is the url for my web page... which shows a few photos of my new 3-FET (150 watts at carrier) class E rig. Also shown, with a description, is a photo of the r.f. module... which uses a construction technique that doesn't require soldering the FET's leads to the bus bars. It uses screws and spade terminals to attach the FET's leads to their respective brass bus bars (which are tapped for 6-32 screws). This makes it very easy to change FETs, and avoids most of the heating associated with the alternative approach of soldering the leads directly to the bus bars.

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