Oscilloscopes? WA1QIX parts & boards available?

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Oscilloscopes? WA1QIX parts & boards available?

Postby WA9UDW » Sat Dec 29, 2012 1:23 pm

Can anyone recommend a first time oscilloscope purchase that would be adequate for Class E construction, adjustment, & monitoring?
Would something like this get the job done? http://www.rigolna.com/products/digital-oscilloscopes/ds1000e/

Does Steve, WA1QIX, still have parts and boards available?
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Re: Oscilloscopes? WA1QIX parts & boards available?

Postby Gilly » Sun Dec 30, 2012 4:44 am

Hi Terry

I am sure Steve still has plenty of boards and parts...maybe send him an email / PM just to be certain...

As for the rigol CRO in your link and all cheap Chinese DSO well they are great to play with but I would not recommend buying one unless you can use one for a while and see if you like it...
As far as monitoring the AM waveform you will be very disappointed I feel....but it will show you whats going on though....I suppose.....
In my opinion buy a Analog CRO....20Mhz will do fine and they are cheap second hand......

Maybe ask onhttp://www.amfone.net/Amforum/index.php .... I will be very interested on the replies you get from people...

Having said that I do have a DSO .... a very old HP54601A and it does all I want...and most importantly I understand all ( no most ) of its functions..
It has the warmth of a Analog cro as it uses a large boring green CRT screen with some of the Power of a DSO...it spoils you a bit giving all the things that DSO are known for....
But its a poor diagnostic tool though but it does work for me....
My other CRO is a 40Mhz Analog one.....

I would definitely try using one before you buy though...
I Love / hate them really buts its only my opinion......

Hope that helps


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