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Some Class E "stuff" for sale

PostPosted: Sat Dec 10, 2011 7:39 pm
by kf1z
Hi all,

I am dumping some parts.... pretty much given up on building much these days, mostly building SDR rigs for other people :-)

I have one complete PWM kit ( from Steve QIX)....This is the 3 board set with all board mounted parts WITHOUT mosfet and damper diodes. ( but I have some..)

DSEI30-06 diodes ( maybe 10 )
FQA11N90 mosfets
IRFP260n mosfets ( for pwm)
IXDD414 drivers
Trransorbs ( 1.5ke540, 130, 18)
Some FB-43-1020 ferrite cores
Only a few ATC100 caps left, all 470pf ( maybe 15?)

Have one Palstar C600 variable capacitor left. 23-55pf 5.5kv Palstar lists this for $139 right now.

I have a bunch of NEW panel meters with external shunts. ( not super high quality, but useable)

Also have several other types of mosfets... no complete list yet.... I'll get them together soon :-)

If interested please email me at or PM here on the forum


Re: Some Class E "stuff" for sale

PostPosted: Sat Dec 10, 2011 7:45 pm
by kf1z
Also have Qty 2.., 3RU size rack mount enclosures. Heavy duty, not "computer server" type.
Unfinished aluminum... At least 0.06" thick ( I think 0.09")

these are new, broken down in original boxes.,

Good size for PWM modulator/power supply.

I do have one assembled if you want a picture....

I'll measure it and post the depth etc too.