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Some recent parts finds

PostPosted: Wed Jul 15, 2009 4:30 pm
by kf1z
After having built a couple more Class-E rigs with PWM modulators, I figured I'd share some parts sources...
Some already mention elsewhere, but here they are anyway. :D

Antek Inc. has some nice, inexpensive toroidial power transformers.
For QIX's 400 watt (2 modules of 4 FETs) the AN-6450 is ok, but I will use the AN-8450 in future... just for the extra capacity.

The AN-6450 is a 100volt 600 VA and the AN-8450 is 100v 800VA.
Both have 2 primary windings (120v) and 2 secondaries ( 50 volts each).

The price is $67 and $84 respectively, plus $10 shipping.

Been getting some neat little single-pole, single throw relays with 12vdc coils from
They have nice BIG button contacts...
Last I knew the were $4. each.

Also from Fairradio, , panel meters .......they have the 1ma, 15vdc (you can scale them to whatever voltage with series resistance) , and 10 ADC ...
They are $9. each.

For the power supply, ant antenna T/R relay, I've been getting the Magnecraft W199x-12 ... usually from ebay.
Those are DPDT, 12vdc coil, 30amp contacts.

New prices are around $25 each, but I have found them on ebay for as little as $10 each "NOS".

Seems like the 120vac, and 24vac coils are much more readily available, and sometimes cheaper, but, I like 12vdc for all my relays (just personal preference).


Ferrites for the transmitter (SB-1020-43)
Still getting those from at $1.50 each.

And they still have the PWM filter cores (CH777060) but the price has gone up to $22.50 each!
If you have the enclosure space, using air-wound (PVC core) coils is in ways better, and MUCH cheaper.
But they do take a LOT of cabinet real-estate!


I've been getting those cut to length from an ebay seller...
He has 5 3/8" wide, and 8 1/2" wide stock, and will cut to whatever length you want. and he will cuth them lengthwise as well. Good guy to deal with !!

The price is "ok" about $35 a foot with shipping... but you get the same thing everytime, and he makes the cuts for nothing.

Sure, you can find them cheaper if you look around...

But here is a link to his stuff....


Well, I'll post more some other time... hope that's a help to someone!

Bruce G

Re: Some recent parts finds

PostPosted: Fri Jan 15, 2010 2:42 pm
by K6IC
Hi Bruce,

Thanks for spotting these parts ... makes things a lot easier. 73 HNY Vic (and, I am very slow at building my Class E project -- WX has been too nice still .. )

Re: Some recent parts finds

PostPosted: Tue Jan 19, 2010 10:57 pm
Thanks Bruce,

Also, American Science and Surplus has some small DC squirrel cage fans that run on 12DCV or 24VDC and supposedly push about 27 cfm.

The part numbers are 38615, 34463, 38973, and 36584.

They are Nidec, Datech, and Gamma brands.

I have purchased small power transformers from them in the past and they seem to be nice folks.


Phil - AC0OB