LTS 25-NP - $13.00 !! also UCC25701 and 74OL60xx Isolators

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LTS 25-NP - $13.00 !! also UCC25701 and 74OL60xx Isolators

Postby steve_qix » Wed Feb 07, 2007 9:53 pm

I have some LTS 25-NP current transducers for the overload shutdown / efficiency meter (and for other circuits as well).

I bought enough of them to get a discounted price of $13.00 down from almost $21.00 !!! $13.00 is reasonable. $21.00 is outrageous !

So, I have these for $13.00 each.

Contact me if you need some. I also have UCC25701 and 74OL6010 and 74OL6011 opto isolators.


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