Power Transformers - Sources and Prices

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Power Transformers - Sources and Prices

Postby steve_qix » Wed Feb 26, 2003 5:29 pm


I'm working on some sources for power transformers.

In quantity one (1), we can get a *DUAL TAPPED PRIMARY* (to make adjustments for line voltage, etc), dual-48V 8.5A secondaries for
approximately $90. This is a $20 savings over Torroid of Maryland, and it's a better transformer due to the taps on the primary.

In quantity 50, the price drops to about $80 each, if we do a combined order.

I am also negotiating for transformers with the same specs from another transformer maker. I told them I wanted a price of under $60 each, and they are going to meet it! However, this would involve probably 200 units to get that price. Quantity one (1) from this source would be $100.

So, that's what's brewing in the transformer world.

I think with this pricing, the power supply costs are not going to be too high.

Oh, I am also negotiating with various suppliers of electrolytic capacitors. My goal is to do the whole capacitor bank for under $50 for all of them! I might even be able to do better than that. I did my bank for $32 - new parts.


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