New Mosfets - repost from WWW.AMWINDOW.ORG

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New Mosfets - repost from WWW.AMWINDOW.ORG

Postby blaine » Tue Jun 03, 2003 4:03 pm

Here is a repost from the AM window, looks like an interesting FET :D

Posted by George AB2KC on June 03, 19103 at 13:15:56:

New Class-E Devices available with 1200V capability at 40 MHz. 750-Watts output with ONE device with 300V on the drain. I just received this from my vendors Rep. I may get a few samples and put it on TEN am. I'm hoping I can get five, one for each band! Anybody have a 4-1000A socket???
George AB2KC


June 2, 2003

Advanced Power Technology RF (APT-RF) announces Super-Rugged
RF Power MOSFETs Operating from 300 Volts DC

Bend, OR - Advanced Power Technology RF, a leading supplier of silicon power transistors for radio frequency (RF) and microwave applications, announces the addition of the ARF465A/B and ARF1505 to compliment its family of high power, super-rugged, high voltage RF power MOSFETs.
These are designed specifically for high power, industrial RF generator/amplifier applications, below 50 MHz, where the power supply is 300 volt or less. They feature power dissipation of 250 and 1500 Watts respectively and are designed to withstand operating voltages up to 300 volts where their 1200 volt breakdown rating gives the 4x safety factor required for class E or C-E operation. The new ARF1505 Power MOSFET makes it possible to produce 750 Watts of 27 MHz RF power with a single device in a 1 x 1 inch footprint, enabling very high power densities along with significant savings in system circuit complexity and cost.

High power HF/VHF RF generators are used in a wide variety of industrial, medical, and scientific applications. To specifically address the needs of these very demanding markets, APT has developed a proprietary ultrahigh voltage design and wafer fabrication process for making RF power MOSFETs. This doubles the transistor’s available SOA (Safe Operating Area), dramatically improves its resistance to load mismatch, and provides excellent thermal stability. The high operating voltage simplifies the output impedance matching circuitry and facilitates design of integrated assemblies including DC power supply and RF power amplifier with significant reduction of space and overall system cost.

The ARF1505 is available in APT's new, low cost, high performance, flangeless package. To obtain the high power dissipation, the backside of the package is lapped to provide an optimum thermal interface surface to mate with the system heat sink. The advanced materials and clamped mounting assure outstanding resistance to thermal cycling fatigue and uniform, reliable thermal transfer over the life of the system. Power cycle results in typical applications have been demonstrated beyond 1 million cycles with a power density of 700 Watts/sq. inch. Inside, a multiple die array gives high power density and all dice have individual source ballast resistors to insure power sharing and enhance thermal stability. The six lead format of the package insures minimum package parasitic inductance resulting in increased gain and improved stability. The coplanar lead arrangement facilitates circuit layout and provides over 2500 volts isolation between any terminal and the mounting surface. The ARFF465A/B is the single die version of the 1505 in a common-source TO-247 plastic package. It is suitable for stand-alone operation or as a driver for the ARF1505.

Applications for these devices include RF Plasma generators at 13, 27, and 40 MHz as well as broadband amplifiers 1.5 to 30 MHz. Samples and volume production quantities are available starting 4 weeks ARO. At quantities of 100 pieces, the unit prices are: ARF1505 - $178, and ARF465A/B - $61. They are available through the factory and all authorized APT-RF distributors.

APT- RF is a leading supplier of RF and microwave silicon power transistors with offices located in Santa Clara, California and Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania. Other operations include Advanced Power Technology, Bend, Oregon, a leading supplier of high voltage, high power MOSFETs, IGBTs, Ultra-Fast Recovery and Schottky Diodes and Advanced Power Technology Europe, Bordeaux, France, a leader in standard and Applications Specific Power Modules (ASPMs).

Data sheets are available to assist the designer, describing the features and benefits of the new MOSFETs. Data sheets and SPICE models may be downloaded from the web site or obtained from the factory.

For additional information contact:
405 SW Columbia Street, Bend, Oregon 97702
Phone: 800-522-0809 or (541) 382-8028 outside of North America;
Fax: (541) 388-0364 E-mail:
Visit our web site at
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