I thought one of you guys may wish to look at this:

where to get parts for building your own transmitter.

I thought one of you guys may wish to look at this:

Postby Phil G4ZOW » Sun May 04, 2003 9:06 am

Not exactly class-E.

A Greek ham friend showed me this Bulgarian ham site while I was visiting Athens a few weeks back.

Their pricing dates from the former soviet era which is why they like to export for that good old US dollar:

Complete plug and play DDS ham band VFO for $66.00:


Takes a while to load.

Anyone for a translation?

Phil G4ZOW
Phil G4ZOW
Phil G4ZOW
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Postby ke1gf » Sun May 04, 2003 12:01 pm

Hi, this kit is very similar to what I came up with...

for the VFO http://www.minikits.com.au/kits4.html


for an IPA http://www.communication-concepts.com/an779h.htm

the DDS kit outputs about 1mw abt 7dbm, the IPA needs about .1mW of drive... WA1SOV uses the lower power version of this kit and has good luck with it in class AB, for our use the IPA can be re-biased for class C because we lack the need for Linear amplification for the class E driver stage/final

Tell me what you think...

Bill KE1GF
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