Promising device for 10m Class E operation

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Promising device for 10m Class E operation

Postby Brian K1LI » Thu May 21, 2015 3:36 pm

As has been noted before on this forum, finding MOSFETs for higher-frequency HF operation isn't trivial. While searching the Internet for material on push-pull Class E amplifiers, I happened onto an article that uses the Infineon BSZ42DN25NS3. It's a 250V device with about 20pF of output capacitance and concomitantly fast fall time. Better still, it cost just over $1 in unit quantities!

I used Tonne Software's Class E applet to gin up a quick test simulation. In CW operation, I saw over 50W output power using a 75V supply, with 95% efficiency at 25C.

This is very promising news for a project I have underway.
Brian K1LI
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