Transformer design

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Transformer design

Postby frank carcia » Fri Apr 11, 2003 2:36 pm

Hi All,
Ed Herbert was my old boss and some of the guys mentioned in the patents are my friends. They all moved to another company to develop
the enclosed patents. It was too much ride for me so I didn't get involved.
Check this stuff out the transformer stuff is pretty interesting. We spent many hours talking about this stuff and you will see it is easily done at RF
Class D, E etc. I always argued that a smart patent guy would not issue a patent that was the same as RF power combiner. Patents were carefully worded to cover power conversion. This was in the time frame when I started playing with solid state PDM and solid state RF. I had 100 watts
on 75M with 4 push pull parallel class D IRF250 pigs running real hot,
but it worked. Steve remember my first SS PDM built to drive a tube final?
So much leakage inductance the output was limited to 400V. I had to smile when I read the stuff from John K1DEU thinking back on all this stuff. I ran into the FMTT site by mistake. fc
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