Class E Forum at Boxboro, 23-Aug-08

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Class E Forum at Boxboro, 23-Aug-08

Postby steve_qix » Mon Aug 11, 2008 8:04 am

Hi !

There is a class E forum scheduled for the Boxboro ARRL convention on Saturday, 23-Aug-2008 at 3:00 pm.

Since we have a very large collective intelligence with respect to the subject, we could have a very fine forum if a bunch of us were there.

Bring RF amplifiers, modulators, and of course your experience. I intend on having at least a prototype of my new transformerless modulator/power supply there, along with a compact 8 MOSFET, 450 watt RF amplifier using digital gate drive at the event (not operating - just for "show").

A great deal has happened since the first class E forum back in - when was it - 2002, I think?

If you've never attended Boxboro, it is a pretty good event, and there is always a good flea market in the parking lot adjacent to the convention hotel. Of course, there are lots of commercial exhibits inside as well - and many other forums.

If anyone wishes to speak or share something, please let me know. I know there's been a lot of work going on in the class E field, and many here have good information and experiences to share. We will have a good LCD projector, and I will bring my laptop computer, if you need A/V support materials.

See you there !!!


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