PWM layout

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PWM layout

Postby n1ps » Sat Mar 29, 2008 10:52 am

I built one of Steve's PWM circuits last year, now I am about to do some re-work to it to "clean it up" a bit.

I'd like some comments on how to best handle grounding the major components inside a common chassis. I'm pretty familiar with how the audio world goes about this, but as we are talking PWM, perhaps there are some additional precautions to be taken to minimize EMI/RFI (both outgoing and incoming, not to mention ground loops).

For example, there are basically 5 components to the layout:
audio/PWM board
PWM output board
PWM filter

I'm leery of using the audio world's way of grounding, with a "star" ground scheme (everything ties to one point, usually where the safety ground from the power cord gets bonded to the chassis). So I'm inclined to ground or bond at least some of the components at different places within the chassis (such as the PWM filter). But not sure and thus my post.

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