new rig off ebay class E & h modulator

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new rig off ebay class E & h modulator

Postby w9gob » Mon Feb 25, 2008 9:02 pm

Hello, this is dan w9gob, I had the great luck to buy ve3ts, class E transmitter, I hooked it up and it worked fine for a few minutes but then I think I broke it. I was in qso with w9ek and he was giving me very good reports when the TX just quite, Now I blow fuses in 'HI ' and NO output. modulator seems to be working , is there any EZ way to check the mosfets.. also if I put a simpson 260 probe set to dc volts I have about 50 volts and if I put the probe on the center leg of the '?regulator right at the input curcuit the amp seems to start to draw current and maybe try to work a very little bit???? also I think I hear modulation and 'light crakeling sounds when I speek into the mic. coming from under the copper clad board on wich every thing is mounted!!! ??? 73 all TNX dan w9gob
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