PC Boards & Kits of Parts Available !

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PC Boards & Kits of Parts Available !

Postby steve_qix » Thu Dec 21, 2006 8:07 pm


I have finally layed out, and received back, PC boards for the two popular modulators used in solid state rigs.

The following boards & kits of parts are soon to be available:

Mic Preamp board - uses an SSM2166P. Compression/bass/treble/mic pre. Takes unregulated 8 to 18VDC at low current. Board provides power for electret condenser microphone elements, if this type of mic is used. Line level out.

PWM generator/anti-aliasing filter board. Various filter cutoff frequencies available. Puts out TTL PWM at around 120kHz. Includes input for feed forward, a negative peak limiter and overload shutdown control input. Takes line level audio input. Also includes an audio phase switch. Requires 1) 25 VCT (AC) @ 500mA power transformer.

Class H modulator board incorporating the latest changes, and overload shutdown capabilities. All circuitry is included on the board except the output MOSFETs and other high power/current components. The circuit includes a regulated power supply for setting the carrier voltage, eliminating any negative carrier shift that might occur due to power supply sag. Requires 2 25VCT (AC), 500mA power transformers.

Overload Shutdown / Efficiency meter. Works with either modulator board. This circuit constantly monitors the load presented to the modulator by the RF amplifier. If the current rises faster than the voltage, an overload event is generated. The efficiency meter portion of the circuit allows you to tune a class E stage correctly and without an oscilloscope. Changes of a fraction of a percent are visible on the meter. Board generates several different types of overload events, and includes 2 double pole relay contacts for external loads. Requires +/- 18VDC, unregulated.

PWM Output board - takes up to 5 IRFP260n (and damper diodes). Includes driver & floating driver power supply. Takes TTL level input. Large bypass capacitors on the board itself for better PWM performance.
Fully populated, this board will modulate a 1KW RF amplifier. Requires 18vdc unregulated.

I'm still working out the pricing for the kits.

Boards: Mic Preamp: $15.00, all others $20.00 each.

Combinations of boards:
PWM: PWM Gen board, Overload/Efficiency board, Output board = $50.00
Class H: Class H board, Overload/Efficiency board = $40.00

All boards are silkscreened, double sided, solder masked high quality boards.

Please contact me if interested. If there is interest, I will get off my duff and get the kits together. Email me at: cloutier@piesky.com

Fun Stuff !!



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Postby Transmitter Man » Sat Dec 23, 2006 10:08 am

I'll take a set of PWM boards Steve.

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