Programmable clock oscillator

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Programmable clock oscillator

Postby cableman » Mon Aug 14, 2006 5:53 pm

Hi all.

Very low activity here,so i'll post my latest idea here.
I was thinking a long time over a simple and stable vfo.
So i came up with the idea,of using a programmable clock-oscillator.
Sorry you licenced amateurs,but this is a pirate transmitter.
The good thing of these clocks are that they have perfect square output.
I combined it with a QRP 15Watt carrier transmitter(IRF510 fet)
And the results are very good.
I have some software to program the clock with 5kHz steps very easily.
It is a I2C bus through RS-232.
My next model would be a USB version,i want to order from the Cypress website.
I think this is programmable with any frequency.
The signal is very clean and has no phase-noise like some PLL designs.
Here is a pic of my "thing",i build yesterday for the 48 meter-band.
ATC caps are at the bottum of the pcb.
First harmonics are measured at -60dB on a spectrum-analyser
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