Compatible SSB

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Compatible SSB

Postby NE4AM » Thu Feb 02, 2006 3:32 pm

IN THE EVENT that RM-11306 passes, all is not lost! There is a technology that will allow savvy hams to continue using our beloved AM. This is Compatible Single-Sideband (CSSB). The basic concept is that the carrier of a conventional AM transmitter is phase modulated in such a way that when the phase-modulated carrier is amplitude modulation, the PM bessel sidebands are canceled by the AM sidebands, while being capable of being received by a conventional envelope detector. Leonard Kahn was a pioneer in this technology, and holds a couple patents:

US3218393 Nov., 1965 Kahn
US3908090 Sep., 1975 Kahn

He currently markets a system called 'Powerside' which allows a broadcast transmitter to transmit CSSB.

A Class-E Tx with PWM modulation is the ideal platform for CSSB.

Any takers?

73 - Dave NE4AM
73 - Dave NE4AM
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