Input circuits multi band 10 fet e deck

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Input circuits multi band 10 fet e deck

Postby Brent » Wed Oct 26, 2005 9:40 am

Hey Guru's,

I need some ideas on input circuits for gate drive to cover 160 through 40 meters. I am wondering if the resistor swamped circuit that KE1GF came up with could be a simple solution? 10 - 68 ohm resistor in parrallel (gate to source) was used on the 2 fet driver (fqa11n90) for the 20 fet rig....perhaps a modified version verus going to a tapped tank input?

I do not plan on using a fet driver for the 10 fet need about 30-35 watts to get my pep voltage of 24 volts on the gates.

Any suggestions?

Brent W1IA

p.s. what would the input impedances be for each band considering a 6:1 ratio on the input cores?
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